Personal Development speeches

Marie-NoŽlle is able to support large and small companies, universities, schools and many other organisations in key areas of employee's personal development. Understanding and acquiring such skills help men and women in their work as well as their daily lives.

Why not start early and discuss leadership; networking; time management; public speaking; and confidence and self-esteem with school students so that they are prepared from day one when they leave school?

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Promoting Science and Engineering speeches

Once we stop and think about a life without science, engineering and technology (SET), we cannot help being in awe of its crucial importance to mankind. To be increasingly competitive in this global market, SET companies need to attract the best people and this is only achieved by recruiting from 100% of the population – men and women.

Promoting SET to school age young people – girls and boys – is vital and Marie-Noelle has over twenty years of experience in this area.

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French Life speeches

France is a popular holiday and student-exchange destination and, when asked why this is, many people mention their enjoyment of French food and wine. Although there are only 26 miles between the UK and France at the Strait of Dover, when it comes to food, we are worlds apart.

Find out what is so different and why.

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