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Passionate, truly inspirational, positive, challenging, witty, friendly, approachable, and a role model these are some of the words used by various events' organisers, thanking Marie-NoŽlle after she gave a speech.

She has a track record of captivating her audience whether speaking to large company leaders and employees, members of social networks, head teachers and teachers or students.

Marie-NoŽlle Barton (Witty)

Marie-NoŽlle Barton (Witty)

Marie-NoŽlle Barton (also known as Marie-NoŽlle Witty) has 25 years' experience of motivating men and women to think, learn and act. She regularly addresses conferences, symposia, social meetings, prize giving ceremonies, careers events and dinners in the UK and abroad.

Marie-NoŽlle's experience of living in three different countries makes her particularly sensitive to cultural issues. Her tireless campaigning work over twenty years to promote science and engineering to girls and women, as well as her years teaching and giving careers advice, have given her a deep insight into educational, employment and equal opportunities issues. For a complete contrast, she draws on her personal experience of living in France to entertain and inform about the French life, particularly how the French eat.

She speaks with expertise, enthusiasm and humour and can relate to any audience, whatever its age, gender, background or status.

Her speeches can be delivered in English or in French, in the UK and overseas.